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Pair of Kings - Season 2

Pair of Kings - Season 2

After making the discovery, the brothers relocate to the fictional island of Kinkow to assume their roles as the co-kings of the island nation, which has many odd customs and superstitions – while trying not to cause problems. Actually, the oldest twin was supposed to rule alone, but, since all records of which twin—Brady or Boomer—is the eldest were lost, the two of them must rule together. In an episode in early October 2011, there was a chance to find out who was older, but the scroll that held the answer fell into a volcano, so no one will ever find out who has the seniority to be the lone ruler. Boomer and Brady’s efforts are often aided by Mason’s teenage daughter Mikayla (Kelsey Chow) and hindered by Lanny (Ryan Ochoa), a disgruntled cousin who’s out to sabotage the boys and take the throne for himself, because he was supposed to be heir to the throne before they found out about Brady and Boomer.

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 5

Keywords: Dan Cross, David Hoge, Matt Wickline, Mitchel Musso, Doc Shaw, Adam Hicks, Kelsey Chow, Ryan Ochoa, Geno Segers, Pair of Kings - Season 2
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